Greysam Marine Services

Marine Hull and Vessel Inspections

Using our Seasam autonomous drone and the AI-driven Notilo Cloud software, Greysam offers full hull and vessel inspections and reporting. Stay ahead of any cleaning or repair work with regular automated scans of your hull telling you when fouling is starting to form.

Notilo Cloud's neural network technology allows you to bring together any underwater data you collect—even if it comes from different sources—and aggregates it into comprehensive and understandable reports. 

Greysam Marine Services

System and Operators

Have a one-off or unique job that needs an ROV, but don't want to purchase or maintain a system? Use us! Our fleet of marine ROVs and terrestrial crawlers are ready to deploy with an experienced pilot to your site. No maintenance, no learning curve.

Available at hourly, daily, or weekly rates.

Greysam Marine Services


Whether you have a new system or just a new operator, Greysam can provide training on any of the systems we provide. Let us know what your needs are and we can provide operators and equipment to get your team up to speed.

Service and Repair

Greysam is a service center for all the systems we offer. If you need simple repairs or complex diagnostic work, give us a call. We can work with you at your facility or you can drop your equipment off for repair.

Even if you haven't bought it from us, we'll help you get back to work.

The ROV crew with their high-tech equipment at work